Tips to Turn Your Garage Into Living Room

Many people have their garage, but sometimes they didn’t use it properly. For some people, a garage is a place for parking their vehicles. However, some people didn’t use it because they didn’t have cars or have no idea to optimize their garage. For that reason, if you have no idea at all, you should read this article. Therefore, you can get some insights into using your garage. For instance, you can extend the garage floor to the living room. Besides, you can change your garage into a hangout place as discussed in Making A Quick Man Cave: Simple Steps To Convert Your Garage To A Hangout Spot article.

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Evaluate the Garage

There may be height restrictions that can be a qualifying factor, as boots are generally not constructed to be taller than 8 feet. Therefore, if you are lifting the floor, consider the minimum height you could reach after lifting the bottom. Make sure this is within building codes. If it is not, check to see if it bothers you to measure the house and the parking lot.

If you think you need more windows for lighting, perform these functions until you raise the floor, keeping the threshold back to the raised bed. It would help if you also decided how to close the garage door. You can always replace it with an external wall, but using drywall inside the door opening to match the outside with the existing walls may be an option.

Examine the Floors garage floor

Garage floors are usually the same thickness as doors, and there is a possibility that moisture from the room will enter your garage. If there is a moisture problem, treat this original with polyethylene or alternative coatings. Generally, the garage floors are about 8 inches below the overall level of the house. This height can be easily leveled with an insulating material coating and a few layers of concrete. It can leave you enough room for the latest floor tiles or any other flooring you suggest for your new home.

Raising the garage floor in this way is the easiest and fastest way to do a DIY job. However, if you plan to install many electrical connections or other cables in the new area, you may need a very detailed preparation before you can lay the concrete. It is recommended to use insulation material so that the heat is maintained in the changing room as well.

Wooden Floor Suggestions

A framed wooden floor is another effortless way to lift the garage floor for the living room. With this frame, you can also place the insulation and some other circuits that may be needed for your converted room. Consider treating termites if you plan to use this method. Make sure that the installed frame provides a floor level that matches that of the apartment.

You need to continually estimate the amounts to make sure you have the ideal height. When the frame is finished, the insulation material and the electrical circuits where they should be will cover the entire area with 3/4 inch thick plywood. If you plan to use it for tiles or carpet, you will need to make the necessary height changes.

Based on the explanation above, if you decided to turn your garage into a living room, you can leave the appliances or furniture you designed for that place. Of course, you will need to decide in advance whether the ceiling and walls will be painted or upholstered. Therefore, you can optimize the function of your garage and get a new place at home.…